Pet Talk: Veterinarians Report Higher Numbers of Cases of Pets Ingesting Pot

Pet Talk: Veterinarians report higher numbers of cases of pets ingesting pot

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Veterinarians may then treat with intravenous fluids and activated charcoal, which binds to the THC and helps prevent further absorption. Complications can arise if a dog consumes enough marijuana to make it vomit, Welker says. If it's sedated, it runs …


House Committee Votes to Require Insurers to Pay for Court-Ordered Treatment

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The House Health Committee on Wednesday voted 7-1 to remove an exemption to the law that allows insurance companies to withhold payment for addictions treatment if the drug or alcohol rehabilitation is court-ordered. Barnhart said most … But Regence …
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Jeff Crawford Worried Veterans Affairs Housing Program Would Evict Him For

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The Department of Veterans Affairs has struggled with abiding by federal restrictions on medical marijuana and helping veterans who are prescribed the drug. (AP Photo/Ted … He's not the kind of guy who can pass such a test with flying colors: Back in …
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