The Effects of Prescription Drug Addiction Abuse


The Effects of Addiction Abuse – Taken from an emotional letter from a daughter to her mother in 2007, this video portrays how her mother’s prescript…


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6 Responses to The Effects of Prescription Drug Addiction Abuse

  • rehabtreatment says:

    @ZanderandJanine That’s a great suggestion! I wonder what that would look

  • Tony Chris says:

    If your legally getting your drugs then there is no reason you cant “be
    there” and abuse opiates. Problem solved

  • Lee Pepper says:

    powerful, eye opening. I hope it generates serious contemplation and

  • foundationsrnetwork says:

    Great video – makes you think about how time flies by, and how much you can
    miss. thanks for posting this…

  • Blake Holder says:

    I love this video so much because I believe this happens to people in this
    world all the time these days. so it really connects with people on a
    personal level.

  • rehabtreatment says:

    @Amakisongs Interesting theory

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