Hamilton Receives Expected Reception in Texas

Hamilton receives expected reception in Texas

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Minor League catcher Carlos Ramirez has been handed a 50-game suspension without pay for a second violation of the Minor League Drug Prevention and Treatment Program. Ramirez is on the roster of the Double-A Arkansas Travelers of the Texas …
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Texas Senate committee approves drug testing for TANF recipients

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The second failure means no benefits, adult or family, for one year, though the person can reapply after six months if they are enrolled in or have completed a program. Three failures means the person is out of TANF for good.
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Communities across US feel impact of sequestration cuts

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The $ 85 billion cut in federal spending through September 30 will affect federal workers' jobs across a wide range of government departments and will impose deep cutbacks to education, housing and many social programs and services, which are depended …
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Bio-hackers, crime journalism, and socialstructing the future

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We went to the symphony, attended good schools, and spent summers by the Black Sea. … Our apartment was always filled with people my mother was counseling, diagnosing, treating, and prescribing medicines for. …. Combine that with years of data from …
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