What Are the Odds of a Person Successfully Gettings Off Opiates?

Question by [email protected]: What are the odds of a person successfully gettings off opiates?
My son is 23 yrs and has three years of collage behind him and has now become addicted to drugs. he has been snorting Oxycontin, taking Soma and Vicodin and who knows what else. How can I help him. he refuses to go into a residential treatment program. Currrently he is attending an outpatient rehab program but i feel as though it is only for show. He is not taking is seriously because he is continueing to use. His mentality is that he should be able to take a pill if he wants too just as one would sit down and have a beer. Over this last year I have watched these drugs destroy his life and I am at a loss as to what I can do to help safe him. He has flat lined twice wtithin 4 months. He is my only child and I love him with all my heart. I lost one child 8 years ago and do not want to loose my only son especially not to drugs. Please help me to helpo my son.

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Answer by isabow27
I know this may be hard to hear but have you tried to have him committed to a rehab that isn’t outpatient?

You might also try getting legal custody of him through an attorney’s office and legally force him into treatment and a work program for recovering addicts.

It also sounds like he doesn’t want help. For my ex-husband, it was a trip to prison that made him take a hard look at his life after being in and out of treatment facilities too many times to count. Only your son can really save himself but who’s to say the law can’t be on your side about it?

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