The Facts on Lohan?

Question by Miss Alexis: The Facts on Lohan?
Lindsay Lohan, fresh out of rehab, has been arrested again on DUI charges, and posession of cocaine.

“Lohan left Promises Malibu Alcohol and Drug Rehab Treatment Facility on July 13, after a stay of more than six weeks.” Quoted from:

If this is true, why did Lohan reportedly spend her 4th of July weekend with family, friends, and a possible boyfriend? Wasn’t she still supposed to be checked into rehab, and supposedly receiving 24-hour care and supervision?
…we see she is not wearing any alcohol monitoring device, as she was reported to be wearing when she left rehab.

Two things: #1, are we being forcefed some alternate reality where celebrities are supposed to be receiving treatment, and instead they are out binging, boozing, buying drugs, and hanging out with illicit freedom? #2 Is SOMEONE going to investigate PROMISES? This rehab center is NOT doing their job. Again!
To Alice: Honestly, I could care who marries who. I don’t give a crap who fathers whose baby. I DO care when the lives of innocent people are at risk, and that includes letting celebs toy with motor vehicles on public highways while under the influence. If she killed your family member, or your friend, or even your child, I’m sure you’d give a damn too.

Honestly, being so introverted is one of the reasons why people get themselves into trouble. We need to watch the world, and understand the flaws, so that we can correct them before lives are ruined, and people are lost.

Celebrities are people too. They make mistakes, and they should be PUNISHED for those mistakes, regardless of their wealth or their public standing. Criminals ARE Criminals, even if they are famous.

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Answer by HIS Princess
thats the thing about the US, special treatment. I am so upset about this. Its like the Paris Hilton thing, gets me mad, i always knew that they dont treat them the same, but i didnt know they got this far!

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