Opponents of Legalizing Marijuana Focus on Risk to Teens

Opponents of legalizing marijuana focus on risk to teens

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… states have legalized pot use for medical reasons. Measures on the November 6 ballot in Washington state, Colorado and Oregon would allow sales of pot to those 21 and over at special stores regulated and taxed by the state. … A survey of U.S …
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OMA Hosts Conference on Tackling Opioid Abuse on October 3

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With the recent announcement that the National Governor's Association selected Oregon as one of five states to participate in a prescription-drug abuse reduction initiative between September 2012 and April 2013, this conference is even more timely.
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Opponents of legalizing marijuana focus on risk to teens

* Legalizing/decriminalizing marijuana will make more youths feel that using drugs is OK. * An estimated 90 per cent of teens involved in street sex trade and invest resources to provide education for youth at risk to become productive members of society. The federal government would focus on … Fetch Document

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