Marijuana Legalization Is on the Ballot in Three States

Marijuana legalization is on the ballot in three states

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Voters are set to cast their ballots in three Western states next month on whether to legalize the sale of marijuana for recreational use, initiatives that would directly violate federal law but that have drawn only silence from the Justice Department …


Oregon ER doctors tackle prescription drug abuse

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While front-line emergency doctors have an obligation to evaluate patients who report pain, the doctors can't know if these patients may already have received painkillers somewhere else and they can't monitor patients' long-term use of the drugs …
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Designer drug linked to injuries in Oregon, Washington

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“People need to know that synthetic or designer drugs like 'spice' or 'synthetic amphetamines' are chemicals that are not safe, can contain dangerous contaminants, and may cause serious harm to users – even death,” said Kohn. “If you become ill after …
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Legal Marijuana Could Be Tax Windfall, But Skeptics Abound

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It's a bit more complicated than that in the three states – Colorado, Oregon and Washington – that could become the first to legalize marijuana this fall. The debate over how much tax money recreational marijuana laws could produce is playing an …
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PDF file (Issued 9/4/2012) ALLOTWATCH
Marijuana-related measures are on the ballot in six states. er victory for legalization. Beginning in the 1990s, legalization advocates pursued a strategy of promoting laws that al-lowed medical use of marijuana. Currently, 17 states permit process This year, three more states … Read Full Source

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In early 2011 Gray co-sponsored an initiative called Regulate Marijuana Like Wine. to collect the minimum number of signatures needed for qualification to be placed on the ballot Within three days of the posting, media sources confirmed that Gray had been chosen by 2012 … Read Article

YouTube YouTube – Broadcast Yourself.
I was hoping the LP candidate would have a hands off policy with social issues .you knowlet the States decide and keep Federal govt out of it. I was? on Omegle and it says: Gary Johnson will: Legalize Marijuana, NOT bomb Iran, kick communist ass, and a bit more. … View Video

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Alaska Nurses Association supports the passage of Ballot Measure #8 [which] … allow[s] patients to use marijuana as obscured or hindered by the debate surrounding the legalization of marijuana the concept of allowing the therapeutic use of marijuana in a variety of disease states … Read Article

Pictures of Marijuana legalization is on the ballot in three states

PDF file Legalization Of Marijuana: Potential Impact On Youth Alain …
Eight states (Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Maine, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington) have passed ballot initiatives that provide for medical use of marijuana under Three recent studies11–13 demonstrate an association between marijuana use and the the United States. Legalization of marijuana … Retrieve Document

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