Latino and Black Law Enforcement Groups Endorse Colorado Marijuana Initiative

Latino And Black Law Enforcement Groups Endorse Colorado Marijuana Initiative

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… Romney in 2008, has launched a campaign to drive down support for the measure. Sembler and his wife Betty once oversaw a chain of drug abuse treatment centers for teens, at which allegations have emerged of beatings, rape and psychological abuse.
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Novel courts handle low-level crimes across US

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It's one of about 40 community courts around the United States that tackle mostly low-level crimes in troubled neighborhoods using judges — not juries — to send defendants to drug treatment, shelter and social services, instead of handing down fines …


NY jail sees terror suspect's fake arms as weapons

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He faces charges of conspiring with Seattle men to set up a terrorist training camp in Oregon. He's also accused of helping abduct 16 hostages, two of … Safety is the top priority, officials at the Metropolitan Correctional Center say. One terrorism …
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