Influx of New Patients Seeking Addiction Treatment Could Stress Minn

Influx of new patients seeking addiction treatment could stress Minn

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PAUL, Minnesota — Minnesota's network of substance abuse treatment centers could be severely tested by the national health care overhaul. More than 54,000 uninsured Minnesotans with serious drug and alcohol problems will suddenly become eligible for …
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Thompson: Procedure brings thoughts to future of US healthcare

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Now we've just learned that Obamacare covers addiction treatment (liberals love drugs) and that current treatment centers are woefully understaffed and under-funded. How much more will just these two little tidbits add to the overall cost? Look, there …
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Small Florida Pain Center Looms Large in fight Against Chronic Pain

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… unaffiliated clinic with big ambitions. Like much larger pain centers, CPC's bilingual team works with patients, families and primary care physicians to develop comprehensive, biopsychosocial treatment plans to relieve pain and restore …
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