Influx of Addiction Patients Could Stress Minn.

Influx of addiction patients could stress Minn.

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Many treatment programs in the state are outpatient, which makes it easier to expand to provide more counseling than at an inpatient facility, he said. Hartford said data from the Department of Human Services shows that treatment programs throughout …
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Honey Badger Don't Care, Or Remember.

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For his part, LSU Athletic Director Joe Alleva notes in the above ESPN piece that "LSU has a strong substance abuse program that tries to identify and assist in the treatment and long term recovery process of drug use and abuse." Keeping Mathieu around …
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Judge orders jail in pill theft case

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Owens' family members testified that they regretted not connecting his erratic behavior and moods to his secret addiction to stimulants, high-potency painkillers and other prescription drugs. Owens entered a 90-day inpatient rehabilitation program …
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