How Do People Survive in Jail/Prison?

Question by days_o_work: How do people survive in Jail/Prison?
I was locked up in a Michigan Jail for about 13 hours one time, not even a full day, and it nearly drove me insane. Maybe I’m just “soft” but a month in there would have driven me nuts. How do people survive in there.
Thanks for the answers.. My trip thru hell started as an arrest for felony assault which I later pleaded down to misdemeanor aggrivated assault. I basically blew my temper one day at a random stranger and apparently scared the bejesus out of him, so he promptly told the police. There was no physical contact or anything but they still ran me thru as a felony.

I NEVER want to go thru something like that again as I was facing up to 4 years of prison time if convicted on the felony, and had no idea it was going to work out the way it did. Even though my story sounded silly to my friends, the system took me pretty seriously from start to finish, and it was a scary experience…

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Answer by ?China ? Doll?
Well, most of those people don’t have a choice so they just learn how to deal with it.

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