How Do I Control My Little Sister? She Has a Sex Addiction?

Question by : How do I control my little sister? She has a sex addiction?
Our mom got into drug dealing 2 years ago and left us. My dad is very,very rich but he lives with our step mother and my sister hates her with a passion(She was really hurt when my mom left). Ever since our family broke up, shes been with so many guys. I’m her older brother (18) and shes 15.. She has sex with a lot of guys. Even though its bad, I’ve accepted her having safe sex. But she has started to take out pictures and videos and put it online..

Our “parents” really couldn’t care less. My dad doesn’t even want us. But I really do care for my sister.. And I have to always end friendships with my friends because she has sex with them! Its embarressing for me. I have tried talking to her and getting her in therapy but she 100% refuses to do it. Shes a very nice girl, she has such a good heart that its a shame what shes doing. She has been with a 40 year old man before. I want her to STOP. I dont get why she likes it so much.

Please help me.

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Answer by Alex
Tough one, but you need to tell someone who can forcibly stop her, as in government, Social services, those guys.
If she were an adult, I’d say she can have as much sex as she wants, but she’s a minor, so that’s really not ok.

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