Has Anyone Ever Heard of Willard Drug Treatment Campus in NY and if So Do They Count Wknds as Days Being Serve

Question by mocha: has anyone ever heard of willard drug treatment campus in NY and if so do they count wknds as days being serve

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Answer by servicedogstar
if its a mandatory treatment program that you where sentedce to the yes the do ninety day is ninety consecutive days including weekends or whatever the sentece is

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Teen Challenge facility in Willard?

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Doug Winner, are board members of the Huron Countybased Starfish Project, which raises money to send people to Teen Challenge, which is a Christian-based, year-long substance abuse treatment program. The Millers and Winner are part of the effort to …
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House, Senate attempt to overhaul lobbyist spending

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The legislation, backed by a group called GeorgiaCarry.org, would permit probate court judges to issue such a license to people who have received voluntary, in-patient treatment for mental health or substance abuse issues in the last five years …
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