As Luck Would Have It

As luck would have it

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The Food and Drug Administration approved the first implant for use in 1984 in adults age 18 and older, and in 1989 the age of implant candidates was lowered to children over the age of 2. In 2000, the device was approved for infants older than 12 …
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Hope for tailor-made cancer drugs

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Image: Lightspring/Shutterstock. Scientists at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute and their collaborators have tailor-made a new chemical compound that blocks a protein that has been linked to poor responses to treatment in cancer patients. The …
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.6 million will expand Lazarus

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“Project Lazarus utilizes experience, data and compassion to empower communities and individuals to prevent drug overdoses, provide effective substance abuse treatment and meet the needs of those living with chronic pain,” said Brason. He said $ 1.06 …
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